Al – Fargo Senior Photos

I met up with Al a couple weeks ago and wandered through a park for a bit before heading over to a basketball court to shoot some hoops. We used to work together so it’s been a shoot that I’ve been looking forward to. I had a hard time picking my favorites. Check ‘em out!


Aiden, Linsey, and Ben – #3

It’s always fun to photograph my brother and his family. I’ve taken photos of them a few times in the past, here and here. We met up downtown for a bit earlier this week and did our best to avoid the rain. After wandering around for awhile we headed finished things up with some ice cream.


Marianne Hofland -

Wow! Great pictures! Fun to see your family , Linsey! Beautiful!

Marianne Hofland -

Wow! Great pictures! Fun to see your family , Linsey! Beautiful!

Kimberlee Hegvik Stueve -

Uncle Zach takes some pretty good pictures! :)

Danae Hendrickson -


How To Tie A Bow Tie – A Film for Aendee

It’s always fun for me when someone comes to me wanting to collaborate on a project. Ashley Dedin runs a wicked cool little shop in downtown Fargo called Aendee where she hand makes ties and bow ties among other things. As she gets asked how to tie a bow tie countless times, she wanted to make a quick little film to help people understand the steps. I must admit that this was the first time that I had tied one. Hopefully it helps you!

Here’s what we made!


Went to Duluth last month with my friend Nikki.
It was pretty great.
We danced on bridges and walked in some mud.
I didn’t take many photos.
Here are some that I did.

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Zach | Fargo Senior Photography

The other week I had the chance to meet up with Zach and his mom and wander around a park and downtown Fargo taking photos and getting to know him. Such a cool guy! He’ll be graduating soon and heading off to basic training with some big plans for his future. I had a great time and wish him the best of luck!


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