Keith Big Bear is a man that knows his way around a flute. He performed and told stories at the Great Winter Crow Show this past weekend and I had the pleasure of photographing the event. Mad skills.


So I was looking through some old photos for a project and I happened across some that I had completely forgotten about. My friend Cathryn and I met up for some fun photos a couple months ago. Here they be! I like how they turned out. Also, dandelions are awesome!



My resolution for the new year is quite simple. I simply want to create more.

That’s it. Very open ended.

Whether it be more weddings, engagements, videos, websites, essays, cooking whatever!

I know that when I am pushing myself to be creative and make things is when I am at my best. It’s when I feel the most inspired and motivated and the greatest sense of purpose.

2013 has been an incredible year for me in that regard. Photos, films, websites, The Open Window Exchange, and so much more.

So here’s to a creative 2014!


(Photo: Haley Frost)

Stephanie Barnhart -


The Taylors

It’s always a joy to photograph friends. And I had the pleasure to do just that one Christmas Day of all times!

I met up with Shelby, an old school friend, and her husband Josh and son Noah to take some family photos on what turned out to be a gorgeous day.

Have a look!



Lucas Hendrickson -

Shelby Walters?!

My Favorite Songs of 2013


A couple days ago I shared my favorite albums of the year and here are the songs that I enjoyed the most these twelve months. And being that I can only write about music so much without boring myself and/or sounding super up tight, I gave each one an appropriate one or two word description.


25 – Lying To You – Keaton Henson = Heartbreaking


24 – Badge and Gun – John Mayer = Relaxing and Airy


23 – This Must Be The Place – The Lumineers = Folksy warmth


22 – Falling – Haim = Rhythmic rounds


21 – Pusher Love Girl – Justin Timberlake = Jubilant return


20 – Ways To Go – Grouplove = Chipper


19 – Yesterday’s Lips – Phony Ppl = Bumpin’


18 – Coalesce – Josh Mhire = Mumford-esque


17 – One Year Ago – Arcade High = The 80′s


16 – Grizzly Adams – Break Fast = Sultry


15 – Featherstone – The Paper Kites = Truthful


14 – Needle – Born Ruffians = Pumpin’


13 – A tout a l’heure – Bibio = Energetic


12 – Beware! – Joshua James = Story-tellin’


11 – Reclaim – Olafur Arnalds = Climactic


10 – Immunity – Jon Hopkins = Soothing


9 – Still Trying – Nathaniel Rateliff = Raw


8 – Comrade – Volcano Choir = Justin Vernon


7 – Song For Zula – Phosphorescent = Just builds and builds


6 – You Never Need Nobody – The Lone Bellow = Intense emotions


5 – New Lover – Josh Ritter = Best breakup song


4 – Vampire Weekend – Step = Groovin’


3 – Daft Punk – Doin’ It Right = Thumpin’


2 – Air Review – Young – Simple fun


1 – Ryan Hemsworth – Perfectly = My Jam

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